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How to Transition from CPO2 to CPO1

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

The following steps outline how to transition your Alberta Peace Officer Level 2 status to Peace Officer Level 1.​

  1. Your employer must request CPO Level 1 positions from the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General. If they currently do not have any peace officer positions granted, they must apply for them. If they currently have CPO Level 2 positions, they must request a transition of those positions to CPO Level 1 positions. NOTE: Your employer may require you complete step 2 before they do step 1.

  2. You must pass your physical PARE test first with an approved tester within 6 months of starting step 3.

  3. Complete your Bridging Program training with Tip of Spear. Register now for the Bridging Program. This program is only being offered once, so take advantage of this opportunity to complete all the training you need in one place.

  4. Complete your application form with required documentation and submit to the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General no later than December 31, 2022.

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