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Alberta Peace Officer Training

Keep yourself and your community safe and progress in your career as a Peace Officer with an active appointment in the province of Alberta. Tip of Spear Academy provides the most innovative and practical peace officer training programs in Alberta - Pending Accreditation.

  • ​Recertify as an Alberta peace officer with a customized program to fulfill the requirements of your specific appointment - Pending Accreditation. Learn More!

  • Certify to become a community peace officer in Alberta. Coming soon!

Tip of Spear Peace Officer Programs

Tip of Spear's leading-edge Community Peace Officer Programs enable you to:

✓  Meet the provincial requirements of your appointment

✓  Complete all your training in one place (one-stop-shop)

✓  Afford them on your own, even if your employer doesn't cover your training costs

✓  Start immediately with self-paced online learning, available 24/7

✓  Learn current and practical content with an innovative learning model

✓  Update physical skillsets with effective and realistic scenarios with a focus on safety

✓  Customize training programs for employers

Why Train at Tip of Spear?



Transition training programs have been vetted and approved by the Alberta Training Academy and Alberta Justice and Solicitor General. They are recognized as meeting the training requirements of transitioning from CPO2 to CPO1.

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Our programs are customizable to meet the specific requirements of the peace officer's specific appointment. This ensures each agency’s officer competencies are met as per the legislative requirements. Each program has a foundational component, with additional a la carte options that can be added on top, such as edged weapon defence, traffic stops and more.

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Interleaved Training

Material covered in the training will be interleaved so that the concepts are interconnected so as to avoid training silos. By implementing interleaved training, we are promoting long term learning by combining motor-skill practice and non-motor skill material.


Expertly Developed

Every peace officer program was developed by a team of subject matter experts who have decades of experience working in various peace officer roles, in education design and adult learning, and as instructors in use of force, law enforcemnent high-risk situations and more.

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Realistic Preparation

In-person training consists of an in-depth practical application of theoretical concepts along with realistic scenarios to improve decision making and therefore safety on the job. This training prepares participants for the risks and dangers they may face with lifelike immersive training scenarios.


Experienced Instruction

The several instructors on staff all have decades of experience not only working in the field, but developing courses, and educating law enforcement in use of force, theory and tactics, and other physical skillsets.

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This program has been designed to provide the participant with the most current information and best practices, and innovative delivery to ensure their safety as they learn the techniques and skills taught during this training. All peace officer programs are continually evaluated and improved to ensure they are current, applicable and valuable to every single peace officer who takes them.

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Blended Learning

Our innovative blended learning model allows you to learn the majority of the theoretical concepts online at your own pace and schedule, and reserves the application of these concepts and the physical skills for the limited in-person training. This reduces the cost of the training and maximizes the use of the participant's time. This in turn reduces the amount of time needed to be away from work and home to complete the training.

What is an Alberta Peace Officer?

Peace officers (POs) are responsible for promoting, monitoring, assessing, and assisting in maintaining peace in our Alberta communities. Peace officers add support and flexibility to law enforcement organizations by providing a variety of specific, limited law enforcement functions and support services to the communities in which they serve, according to what the community requires. Their appointment, includes services they are required to perform, such as education and enforcing various laws based on the authorities they have been granted. Duties may range from animal control, bylaw enforcement, traffic control to others.

Learn More about this Career
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"A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He (she) does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his (her) actions and the integrity of his intent."

- Douglas MacArthur

Participant Feedback

"It has been a few years since CPOIP and it was good to get refreshed on the skills I was semi-confident prior."

- Peace Officer


"May I stress the need for courageous, intelligent and dedicated leadership... Leaders of sound integrity. Leaders not in love with publicity, but in love with justice. Leaders not in love with money, but in love with humanity. Leaders who can subject their particular egos to the greatness of the cause."

- Martin Luther King


Our Training Facility

We are located at:

11217-149 St. NW

Edmonton, AB T5M 1W6



Phone: (780) 469-8787

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