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Canadian Use of Force Legislation

Increase your knowledge and confidence in using Force in Canada as a Peace Officer.


The Use of Force Legislation course explains all of the Canadian federal legislation with regards to using force in a peace officer role. This Control Concepts Canada online program, delivered by Tip of Spear, helps you understand what protects you and what authorizes you to use force so you can do so safely and successfully. 

Use of Force Legislation Training

In your role as a Peace Officer in Alberta, it is important that you maintain your competency level in the high risk, low frequency skill areas, and high consequence situations of your career, particularly regarding using force. Using force bears large responsibilities so it is crucial to understand the authorizations and limitations of this concept, for your safety, the safety of the subject, and the integrity of your job.


Tip of Spear is proud to partner with Control Concepts Canada to deliver a Canadian Use of Force Legislation program, to assist Alberta Peace Officers in doing what they love: continuing to keep their communities safe as peace officers. The program has been carefully developed over the past few years and utilizes the most innovative, best practices from multiple subject matter experts in the field of use of force and law enforcement high-risk situations, to help you stay safe. This online program provides a next-level learning experience to ensure your agency’s officer competencies are exceeded as per the legislative requirements. This training prepares an officer to bring a new lens of diversity and inclusion to the ever-changing environments an officer experiences in their career.

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Why is this training critical?

This training...


The prerequisites for taking the Use of Force Legislation course are as follows: 

  • Provide proof of current appointment along with your authorities. You will be required to provide a copy of a letter of employment from your employer with your authorities stated.

Program Overview

The Use of Force Legislation course includes all educational content required to understand Canadian federal law regarding using force in a peace officer role. 

Duration: 6+ hours online course

Tuition: $150 + GST per person

Certification: From Tip of Spear & Control Concepts Canada

The Tip of Spear/Control Concepts Canada program has been approved by Alberta Justice and we are in the final stages of having the program officially accredited by Alberta Justice. Please note that it is not a requirement for this program to be accredited in order for us to deliver this program to Alberta Peace Officers.

Recertification: Required every 3 years

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Online Modules

  • 6+ Hours

  • Online, self-paced

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  • 1 Hour

Curriculum Overview

The Use of Force Legislation course includes the following topics:

  • Force

  • Use of Force Legislation

  • Excessive Use of Force

  • Burden of Proof and Reasonable Doubt

  • The Objective Reasonable Test

  • Use of Force Training Aid

  • Subject Behaviours / Officer Response Options

  • Impact Factors



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Contact Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Peace Officer program

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-427-3457


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